nedelja, 11. marec 2018

Taste based consumption : commonsense food consumption

Rezultat iskanja slik za food addiction

When and as I see myself leaving direction to the taste instead of commonsense food consumption -- I stop and I take few breaths.

I realize that the sheet in witch I'm taking notes of intakes & outgives + the effects and consequences is my main direction regarding the food I should necessarily avoid and the food that is supporting me the most / which intake I should increase. 
I see that it would be easier for me if I would have already prepared heartier, but still yummy alternatives of the foods that I should necessarily avoid.
I understated that most of nutrition have some kind of unhealthy feature and when I focus on those, I fall in the trap of defeat and I have excuse for not changing anything...

I commit myself to limit alcohol consumption to 2 times per month. 
I commit myself to replace commercial sweets with pre-prepared homemade healthier alternatives. Let's give myself 2 times per month exception for now -- to stay real...
+ On the visits max 5 pieces of pastry (+I take a look back for consequences of pastry consumption).
I commit myself to put probiotic yogurt on the schedule at least 3 times per week.
I commit myself to stop falling into defeat - focusing on unhealthy futures of the nutrition - I will rather exclude the most obvious ones and keep on using the alternatives while learning how to prepare those effectively.

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