sobota, 03. februar 2018


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to postpone exercising 3x/week - as I have promised to myself.

When and as I see myself postponing exercising -- I stop and breathe.

I realize that my participation in postponement regarding exercising leads to bigger un-satisfaction with(in) myself; as I'm gaining more and more weight, I'm lacking good physical condition, I can't move myself as effective as I could, my breath is short by smallest effort, my body is not getting enough oxygen which leads to bad moods and many other unnecessary consequences...   

I commit myself to put exercising in my planer - not like optional activity anytime in a day as I did before, but as 'must done' activity that has to be done at certain hour. This week I’ll be testing hours before 3 PM (before my partner comes from work). And I'm going to put it in planer right now.

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