ponedeljek, 02. april 2018

Excitement and expectation around making a new dish (cake)

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create excitement and expectation around the cake I was planning to make, wanting it as fast as possible, wanting to taste that combination ‘before is even finished’.

When and as I see myself creating excitement and expectation around a new dish that I'm planning to make + wanting that dish to be finished and ready to taste before I even started it -- I stop and breathe.

I realize that feelings are only taking away some of my attention, which would be much better invested if it would be all put into making a new dish.
I see that when expectations are not meet, follows the disappointment, which is really not pleasant state to be in.   
I realize that only in mind I can reach things right away, but they aren't tangible...
I see, that I have a lot work / writings to do regarding the taste component.

I commit myself to ground myself before making a new 'promising' dish. I will give myself the time that is needed to do it, the permission for making mistakes, and I will eat something smaller before, to prevent nervous hurrying.

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