sreda, 25. april 2018

Encouragement instead of mocking

I forgive myself for accepting & allowing myself to mocking my partner when he decided to wash our dishes through words 'is everything ok, honey' & 'you must be really over-bored if you decided to do the dishes'.

When and as I see myself that I'm going into mocking -- I stop and I breathe.

I see how unpleasant it was for me, when I have finally gathered the will and I have done what could/should be done along time ago, but mother started mocking me -- my will went right down again... I realise that is really time to start experimenting with effect of encouraging others instead of being angry and judgemental towards them and consequently reacting towards them in the way that helps them to stay in their old unsupportive patterns...

I commit myself to rewrite mocking (irony) program with encouragement, because I need to see the difference.

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